Lavender Dragons Coven
We are the Circle of the Lavender Dragons Coven
and we're located in Ft. Lauderdale (Sunrise) Florida.  
Our coven was orginated here in April 2004.  

We offer a special form of Spiritual and Magickal teaching for men seeking to learn the Wiccan Religion and the Craft of the Wise.  We have a basic Outer Court for new students and an Inner Court for our Initiates of differing degrees.

We worship the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece, 
and we meet twice a month for lessons and ritual work.
We celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats of the Year. 

We are open to all men 21 and older who are serious about studying the Craft, while working towards the Priesthood 
of Wicca, and worshiping the Ancient gods.  Blessed Be!
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The Lavender Dragons Coven
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Lord Verderius, National First Officer 
Covenant of the Goddess