The Lavender Dragons Covenstead
Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise) Florida
Lord Verderius, High Priest & Witch
Phone: (954) 815-0765

Please email us to request a Membership Application [PDF].
We personally interview all interested male seekers over 21.

Note: All Sabbat & Esbat Rituals vary on day, date and time.
*** BLESSED BE! ***

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Wicca and the Craft
Apollo Brotherhood Tradition
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  Our Schedule of Events & Celebrations for 2019
   Full Moon Esbat on Tuesday, July 18th @7:30pm
   New Student Classes on Tuesday, July 9th & 23rd
   Lughnasadh Sabbat on Sunday, Aug 4th @ 4pm
   New Student Classes on Tuesday,  Aug 13th & 27th
   Full Moon Esbat on Thursday, Aug 15th (Solitary)
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