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​             COVENANT  OF  THE  GODDESS
We are proud members of the Covenant of the Goddess, a national organization of Witches and Wiccan Practitioners located throughout the United States of America.   
Visit them at http://www.cog.org

  If you are Wiccan practitioner and you are                         seeking legal Ordination, it can be obtained through Universal Life Church, which recognizes all religious faiths.  For more information about becoming 
a legally ordined Wiccan Minister, please go to their website.  Visit them at: http://www.ulc.net

Members & Affiliations
Wicca and the Craft
 Voice of the Lavender Dragons! 
Our Current Membership List & Practitioners
Lord Verderius, 3* High Priest & Trad Founder
Lord Lyamh, 3* High Priest & Trad Founder Count Elwyn, 1* Low Priest & Trad Founder
Lord Hawthorn, 3* High Priest/Elder
Llywyllen, Dedicant
Strix, Dedicant
Heqzion, Neophyte
​Lucius, Neophyte

Wisdom Integrity Truth Courage Honor
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Cherry Hill Seminary
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Cherry Hill Seminary supports Pagans and their communities 
by providing an extensive education in diverse aspects 
of Pagan philosophy, practice, 
and skilled ministry. 
In Loving Memory of 
Our Brother ~ Majestos 1*
RIP: 08/17/56 - 09/18/15
Lady Circe, EMLC PW
RIP: 06/23/2018